Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

Aqualyx is a fat dissolving treatment that targets fat removal from certain areas. Excess fat in localised areas can be an issue for many men and women, despite exercise and a good diet. These localised fatty deposits are sometimes hard to remove and liposuction may seem too extreme.

That’s when Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections can help!

Aqualyx contains deoxycholic acid which has been used in various fields of medicine since its discovery. Present also in the human body, deoxycholic acid is used in the emulsification of fats for the absorption in the intestine.

Treatment Areas include the stomach (Inc. six pack definition), Love handles, Arms, Chin, Flanks and waist, Inner and outer thighs. Underarms and armpits. Under-bra area.

The results of Aqualyx  are permanent under the condition of maintaining a constant weight measurement .Once the freed fatty acids have been processed through the body’s lymphatic system, they don’t reappear. However, the procedure is only permanent if you follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently following treatment. If you regain weight, it is likely that the fat pockets will reappear. If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results should be permanent. It can take up to 3-4 weeks after the first treatment before you see results , a course of treatment is recommended.

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