Mesotherapy/Skin Boosters/NCTF 135 HA

Mesotherapy is a versatile treatment that either uses our Aquagold device or very fine injections with our nano soft needles to infuse your skin with a combination of ingredients; these ingredients are specifically chosen for you and what you would like to achieve, but largely they include a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins , plant extracts and amino acids.

These ingredients help correct concerns such as crepy skin, pigmentation or thin, dehydrated skin . We can also use different mesotherpy solutions to treat loose skin and areas of cellulite with excellent results seen over a course of treatments.

This treatment is also highly effective on the delicate tear trough area treating dark , puffy and pigmented tear troughs with a beautiful rejuvenated  result.  It is also highly effective at treating fine lines and loss of elasticity in the neck and décolletage area when offered in a course of 3 treatments over a period of one month .

Mesotherapy can also be applied to the lips to help hydrate and soften fine lip lines that appear with age

Mesotherapy treatments are a way of directly treating skin concerns that are present in the deeper layers of your skin, such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging and scarring. Mesotherapy can also be used as a preventative treatment or to brighten and deeply hydrate dull-looking skin, anywhere on the face or body.

The premise of mesotherapy treatments is to deliver potent skincare ingredients into the lower layers of your skin to trigger a specific response; there is no set cocktail of ingredients used in this treatment, which means that it can be tailored to help your specific needs. Your practitioner will discuss the method of delivery with you prior to treatment as each is best suited for different concerns.

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